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Fluid Analysis at Wyoming Machinery Company

New customer demands for Caterpillar equipment are created each day. For this reason, design criteria requires components to operate at faster speeds, higher temperature, and more extreme pressures. Monitoring of equipment parameters is now more critical than ever. Caterpillar Equipment Management Service is a tool, which uses electronic data, fluid analysis, machine inspections, and more to aid in this process. Fluid analysis is an integral part of the EMServices/ Condition Monitoring process.

Caterpillar SOS Services is a fluid analysis process that was developed by Caterpillar to monitor the overall condition of Caterpillar equipment. At Wyoming Machinery Company, fluids from all different makes and brands are analyzed utilizing the Caterpillar SOS process. Technicians at the Wyoming Machinery Company lab run a number of test to determine abnormal wear, oil condition, oil contamination, and more. Data from these tests are used to monitor the machine health of engines, transmissions, hydraulics, final drives, gas compression engines, compressors, and more. Fluid analysis at Wyoming Machinery Company can help maintain your machine’s overall health, it can keep small problems from turning into catastrophic issues.

Our commitment is to assist customers attain low operating costs, peak performance, and top resale value. SOS analysis is an inexpensive tool that can assist with this commitment. It does not matter the brand or the type of equipment, condition monitoring via fluid analysis can be done through the Wyoming Machinery Company Fluid Analysis lab.

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Benefits of Fluid Analysis at WMC
  • Drop off locations at any of Wyoming Machinery Company’s four locations or pre-paid mailers back to the lab
  • Up-to-date analytical instrumentation
  • Expert recommendations provided by Caterpillar trained technicians
  • 24 hour or less turnaround for most fluid and oil analysis tests; samples that are received in the lab by 8am will have results the same day
  • Results can be viewed either via email, US Mail, or on-line through Caterpillar SOS Services Web
  • Condition Monitoring support through Caterpillar trained technical communicators
SOS Services Oil Analysis
Wear metals determination
  • 20+ wear metals and additives
  • Optical particle count (non-engine compartments)
  • Visual and filter patch analysis
Oil Condition
  • FTIR analysis for oxidation, sulfation, and nitration
  • Viscosity @ 100c
  • Total Base Number (TBN) and Total Acid Number (TAN)
Oil Contamination
  • FTIR analysis for soot
  • Fuel dilution by Perkin Elmer  gas chromatograph
  • Glycol contamination by PE gas chromatograph
  • Water detection by hot plate and Karl Fisher (volumetric)
SOS Services Coolant Analysis
Two types of analysis to determine coolant type, boil & freeze protection, coolant condition, and coolant contamination
Level 1 Analysis - basic tests for coolant condition
  • Glycol concentration
  • Freeze point
  • Boil point
  • pH
  • Conductivity
  • Nitrite concentration
  • Odor
  • Color and appearance
  • Foam
  • Oil or Fuel presence
Level 2 Analysis –extensive chemical evaluation of the coolant, plus overall cooling system condition
  • Basic Level 1 tests
  • Coolant Chemistry – tests  including additives that make up extended life (ELC) or conventional coolants
  • Cooling System Health – tests which can help indicate possible erosion/corrosion, overheating, stray current, air entry, or exhaust gas entry issues
SOS Services Fuel Analysis
Typical Fuel Analysis Tests – which may help identify filter plugging, hard starting, deposits, corrosive/abrasive/adhesive wear, and/or low power.
  • Biodiesel Content
  • Cetane Index
  • Cloud Point
  • Cold Filter Plugging Point
  • Density
  • Distillation Curve
  • Elemental Analysis
  • Flash Point
  • Oxidation Stability
  • Particle Count
  • Pour Point
  • Sulfur Content
  • Viscosity
  • Water Content
 Learn more about SOS services here.

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